John has seen litigation cases from the extremely large to the very modest. One was the biggest IP arbitration ever.

John’s role was to manage most of the technical side of this confidential information dispute concerning the float glass process. In doing this, he worked primarily with a professor of mechanical engineering and in-house engineers in Pittsburgh.

The London arbitration lasted seven years. There were about 250 hearing days. One (non-technical) witness was cross-examined for 31 days. The arbitration room walls were covered with row after row of document binders, floor to ceiling. Each legal team included many barristers and solicitors. US anti trust proceedings followed. One barrister retired to become a member of the clergy. You have the picture.

On one view, whatever the Award, there wasn’t a real “winner”, after such a case.

But, the point is that John has seen first-hand the dynamics of a large team of lawyers. The case was exceptional but, for John, the lesson was learned. His approach as a partner, with the conduct of clients’ cases, has been to avoid using teams that are unnecessarily large. That is the approach of this firm.