Large legal teams are often deployed in English proceedings. Sometimes, businesses feel that the associated high cost of litigation in the United Kingdom simply cannot be justified. As a consequence, either rights are not enforced, or claims are not resisted. It does not need to be that way.

One of Justin’s pharmaceutical matters involved infringement proceedings under a patent for a chemotherapy formulation. The central issue, as it often is, was one of claim construction. For Justin’s client (one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies), the team consisted of two lawyers and one trial counsel. Further, the expert for the other party provided sufficient evidence during cross-examination to assist the Judge and so there was no need to rely on evidence from anyone else.

Proceedings were commenced in May and judgement was delivered in November. An appeal followed, with the appeal court delivering its final decision in February. From the start of proceedings to the conclusion of the appeal took only 9 months. Since the matter was resolved quickly, and since a small team was used, costs were kept to a minimum. Justin’s client was successful, and a final injunction granted in its favour.