Intellectual property is not just about disputes. Like Justin, John has considerable experience in transactional work.

In one large transaction, the patent portfolio (mechanical) was a key asset of the target company. Some of the relevant patents were being litigated around Europe. Someone had to review what had happened, and what was likely to happen, in the various sets of proceedings. That review had a potentially serious impact on the price to be paid and that person was John.

In another smaller transaction, it was the patent portfolio (biotech) itself that was being bought. One patent, in particular, was key. Would that patent survive serious judicial scrutiny were it ever to be enforced? Since the review was key to whether the transaction would go ahead, the client asked John.

The above illustrates, not just the importance of intellectual property due diligence, but also, since John conducted, and reported on, the reviews in a matter of days, how it can be done quickly and efficiently.