IP Strategy & Counselling

In addition to our outstanding litigation expertise, we also provide you with strategic, commercial and practical advice on your intellectual property portfolio. We will assist in ensuring that you have the right long-term strategy to help your business thrive and grow.

Freedom to operate opinions. We will assist you in understanding the risks of launching a new product and developing appropriate strategies to deal with those risks.

Pharmaceutical regulatory law. We will assist you in IP related pharmaceutical regulatory matters, such as taking into account data exclusivity in developing a successful integrated strategy in dealing with market entry.

Competition law and FRAND (Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory) patent licensing. We are also able to provide advice to high tech companies, both for licensors and licensees, in this new and challenging area.

Negotiating and drafting commercial agreements. Our wide-ranging experience encompasses: technology transfers (licences and assignments); merchandising; distribution agreements; research & development agreements; and collaboration agreements.

Providing the necessary support for the IP aspects of mergers and acquisitions.  Our expertise covers: reviewing intellectual property assets and agreements; assessing the strength of, or gaps in, portfolios; Identifying risks and recommending ways to reduce them; assessing current litigation; and negotiating and drafting transaction documents and warranties.