Trade mark and passing off dispute concerning a worldwide satellite communication service

Litigation was commenced against our client. Our client’s Defence pleading set out a compelling account of how it had planted its flag well before the Claimant. Not long afterwards, the parties agreed to the dismissal of the proceedings. Our client continues to use its brand.

Pharmaceutical patent validity advice

Our client had taken pan-European advice from one of the large international firms. We were asked for a second opinion and identified a new and key point that completely changed the complexion of the merits. Our client was now able to conclude that commencing litigation was unnecessary and that, in fact, it had a compelling defence to any attack.

Dispute concerning allegedly counterfeit goods in the cosmetics sector.

Our client, a substantial European distributor, was caught up in this dispute between other companies in the supply chain and the rights owner. We assisted our client in successfully extricating itself from this cross-border confrontation, leaving the other parties to resolve the dispute at their own cost.

Patent infringement and validity dispute concerning our client’s world renowned and bestselling toy

We commenced proceedings for our client against the alleged infringer. Although those proceedings have been suspended, the Defendant gave undertakings not to import or supply its products pending the outcome of a corresponding EPO Opposition (i.e., most likely for many years).

Trade mark and copyright ownership dispute

Our client’s previous advertising agency asserted ownership of a huge array of rights in materials that it had been commissioned to make. Our thorough analysis of historical materials spanning many years led to the agency dropping its claims and the avoidance of litigation.